ICTTF Privacy Statement

Obviously privacy and compliance with the data protection act is of utmost importance to the ICTTF.

We will attempt to comply with both the letter and spirit of the law.

You are able to access our site without providing us with any information.

However, if you choose to leave information, we will respond to you, addressing and using your information only for the purposes for which you agree.

We will make every effort to ensure complete confidentiality and protection of personal information, but data transmitted over email or the internet is not 100% secure.

Therefore, we cannot guarantee or secure the information you transmit to us, the transfer is therefore sent at your own risk.

The right to privacy will be respected at all times by the ICTTF.

No matter how vague the legislation is or how it lacks enforcement. The concept (and your human right) to privacy, confidentiality and trust will always be adhered to by the ICTTF.

If you ever have cause for concern or to query our policy, please contact the ICTTF Website Admin at email: mail@icttf.org