Closing Address – Paul C Dwyer – Cyber Task Force



Seven years ago the ICTTF International Cyber Threat Task Force was formed as a virtual community with the mantra “It Takes a Network to Defeat a Network”.

The group recognised the “cyber bad guys” were extremely well networked, exchanging intelligence, teaching and collaborating. Founded in Ireland, the group became the online antithesis of the malefactors. Using slogans such as “Ní neart go cur le chéile” the group soon had an online community of over 4,000 like minded professionals from over 100 countries with a common agenda to defeat cyber threats of all kinds. Protecting children, individuals, small businesses, NGO’s, enterprises and supporting the efforts of military and the global law enforcement community.

In 2015, we wrote to the CEO’s of the top 1,000 companies in Ireland and published open letters in the business press calling for a “Cyber Leaders” group to be formed to protect the Irish economy. “The Answer to The Cyber Question is Leadership” – Paul C Dwyer President of the ICTTF.

Industry listened and 410 businesses were represented at the launch at the convention centre Dublin. Months later, this was followed by a Cyber Leaders Lunch at the Shelbourne Hotel and the topics discussed included the attack on the Ukraine National Electrical Grid and how vulnerable the critical national infrastructure of Ireland may be. The human network of the Irish cyber leaders group was now established.

Globally the threat level has now increased from a cyber perspective and Irish and UK businesses have the added challenge of increased EU Cyber regulations and Brexit.

The ICTTF are hosting the European Cyber Threat Summit on OCT 24th at the Helix Dublin and are using the opportunity to call for an Anglo Irish Cyber Task Force to be formed.

This cross sector group will have the objective of dealing with the specific challenges arising from the new EU cyber legislation, Brexit and work with Government influencers in order to protect businesses in Ireland and the UK.

The ICTTF will hold a series of events including a number of cyber threats summits throughout the UK and Ireland in 2018 to support businesses and help deal with the challenge. More information will be announced on Oct 24th at the